ECU Reconfigures

All MicroTech ECU’s are engine specific. This means that when we manufacture an ECU it is programmed to work on 1 particular type engine only.

If you have an ECU and intend to install it on a different type engine than it was originally purchased for the ECU will need to be reconfigured.

Reconfiguring an ECU to suit a different application is a labour intensive job for us. It is not a simple matter of loading another map into the ECU. In most cases we need to change several parts on the circuit board as well as reprogram the ECU.

All reconfigures are carried out in our Australian factory by our technicians. Reconfigures are not something your local dyno tuner can do.

If you are purchasing a used ECU please do your homework very carefully before parting with your cash. By the time you purchase a used ECU then have it reconfigured you could end up paying MORE for a 10 year old outdated ECU than you would purchasing a brand new unit.

Costing on reconfigures range anywhere from $250-$395 based on what the engine is set up for now, what engine it needs to be changed to and the labour time required to carry out the job.

For an accurate cost on reconfiguring a particular ECU please email us.

When sending an ECU in to be reconfigured please fill out the service form which can be downloaded and printed here and include it in the package with your ECU. This form makes things much easier for our technicians once the ECU arrives here and will speed up the reconfigure process.

The MicroTech shipping address and details are included on this form.

In most cases reconfigures will take approximately 7 working days. This time frame may vary and is determined by how much work our technicians have on at any particular time. Once your unit is finished one of our sales staff will be in contact with you to arrange payment and return shipping of your ECU.

Please Note:   There are several model Microtech ECU’s which we can no longer reconfigure due to the physical age of the unit.

The list of units we CANNOT RECONFIGURE are as follows:

All screwdriver adjustable units, All Digi series units, MT-8, MTX-8, MT-12, MTX-12, LT-8, LTX-8, LT-12 and LTX-12 model ECU’s

Our stockpile of spare parts we had for these old units has run out and the majority of the components we used in these units were phased out several years ago making it impossible for us to carry out any reconfigures.

To help any customers who find themselves in this situation, we will be offering a $100 trade in for your old unit towards the purchase of a new MicroTech ECU.