ECU Repairs

All MicroTech ECU’s must be returned to our Australian factory for repairs. We do not authorise anyone else to do repairs on our products. The reason we do this is so we can thoroughly test each unit after any work is carried out before it is returned to the customer ensuring a high standard of quality control for all our products.

When sending an ECU in to us please fill out the service form which can be downloaded and printed here and include it in the package with your ECU. This form makes things much easier for our technicians once the ECU arrives here and will speed up the repair process.

The MicroTech shipping address and details are included on this form.

Once your ECU has arrived, our technicians will test the ECU and carry out any repairs necessary. All repairs are processed in order of arrival.

In most cases repairs will take approximately 7 working days. This time frame may vary and is determined by how much work our technicians have on at any particular time. Once your unit is finished one of our sales staff will be in contact with you to arrange payment and return shipping of your ECU.

Please Note:   Effective from the 1st May 2015, we will be unable to repair our MT series or early LT series ECU’s.

This will include all MT-8, MTX-8, MT-12, MTX-12, LT-8, LTX-8, LT-12 and LTX-12 model ECU’s

Our stockpile of spare parts we had for these old units has finally run out and with the majority of the components used being phased out several years ago and unable to be purchased new, it has become impossible for us to do any repairs on these early type ECU’s.

We are still happy to conduct testing on these ECU’s, however if the ECU is damaged and in need of repair we will be unable to do so.

To help any customers who find themselves in this situation, we will be offering a $100 trade in for your old unit towards the purchase of a new MicroTech ECU.