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7.33 @ 185mphChuchaso
Mazda RX7 13B Turbo
7.33 @ 185mph

7.18 @ 189mphFather
Mazda RX7 13B Turbo
7.18 @ 189mph

7.05 @ 194mphMen In Black
Datsun 1200 13B Turbo
7.05 @ 194mph



The MicroTech LT Series Tuning software is a windows based tuning package designed to be simple to understand and easy to navigate so the first time user and professional tuner can tune with confidence. The software allows for full 3-D tuning & data logging, while at the same time offering real time viewing of all current engine data in an easy to view & understand format.

To access all the features of the Microtech software the laptop  MUST  be connected to the MicroTech ECU

* Current Version 3.1 software is available for download HERE 



Data Gauges Window

The Data Gauges window displays a set of realistic automotive style gauges for real time monitoring of the running condition of the engine, as well as a series of log graphs on the right hand side of the page which retain a history log of the values from the sensor inputs.

Saved Data logs can also be played back & viewed in real time with the Data Gauges Window.


Matrix Tuning Mode

The Matrix Tuning mode of the MicroTech LT software uses a series of RPM/ Load maps to build a basic fuel requirement matrix table for your engine. Each of these RPM/Load maps becomes active in turn as the engine RPM & load change.

By displaying the full range of RPM/Load maps in sequence, the 3D chart display creates a full 3D graph of the fuel matrix table. Each RPM/Load map is displayed in a different colour to its neighbours. The legend on the right-hand side of the screen shows the colours used by each map.

In full screen mode there are 4 choices for the way you wish to view the 3D chart: Line, Bar, Area & Step. The 3D chart may also be rotated a full 360 Degrees in any direction to allow you to fine tune its position for the best view of the entire fuel matrix table.


Data Logging

The MicroTech LT software incorporates a full range Data Log function that records samples of the inputs and outputs of the ECU. This makes trouble shooting very easy. Events which happen too quickly to be caught in real time, can be tracked down & corrected by careful examination of the data log. Data Logs can be saved as files on your laptop hard drive allowing you to recall & review them at any time in the future.

MicroTech Data logs can be viewed in either chart view or text view as illustrated by the screen shots below. Logs can also have notes added to help identify the log or to keep important comments about the data recorded.