MicroTech Engine Protection Mode

MicroTech Engine Protection Mode

Our new version MicroTech LT-10c and LT-16c now have Engine Protection Mode as a standard feature. 

The MicroTech Engine Protection Mode function allows the tuner to set a “safe” limit for various sensors connected to the engine. Should any of the sensors fall outside the pre set minimum or maximum value the ECU will immediately activate an RPM limiter to alert the driver something is wrong so they can back off the throttle before any serious damage is done to the engine.

A safe limit can be set for any of the following sensors via the MicroTech Handset or the LTC Tuning Software.

Oil Pressure

Fuel Pressure

Water Temperature

Air Temperature

Engine RPM


Air/Fuel Ratio

Battery Voltage

Exhaust Gas Temperature (Coming Soon)

Road Speed (Coming Soon)

An arming RPM and Throttle position can be set to activate the function, the RPM limit is adjustable, the type of cut can be selected (ignition, fuel or a combination of both) and the length of time the cut is active is adjustable.

Each time a limit is reached it will be recorded in the ECU alarm memory. A maximum number of alarms can be set and once that number is reached the RPM limit will remain activated until the alarm memory has been cleared.

The MicroTech Engine Protection Mode is a feature most racers, engine builders and performance workshop owners swear by. It’s a cheap and extremely effective insurance policy for your expensive engine.