Flex Fuel Sensor


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Big news for all the E85 users out there with the MicroTech Flex Fuel Sensor now available for use with the latest version LT-16C.

The MicroTech Flex fuel sensor is fitted to the fuel system return line and samples the Ethanol content of the fuel being used. The Flex Fuel % is displayed on the MicroTech Handset, LTC laptop tuning software or the LTC Dash.

The LT-16C has a dedicated Flex Fuel tuning table which is set up by the tuner. The ECU will then adjust the engines fuel and ignition timing based on the ethanol content of the fuel.

The MicroTech Flex Fuel Sensor makes life much easier for street car guys who find themselves in a situation where E85 is not readily available and have no choice but to top their tank up with unleaded fuel to make it home.

MicroTech Flex Fuel Sensor
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