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Big brother to the new MicroTech LT-9c, the LT-15c is the perfect option for 6cyl and 8cyl owners.

Unlike several of our competitors, the LT-15c comes with 8x injector drivers and 8x coil drivers capable of sequential injection on engines up to 8cyl and 4 Rotors.

Don’t spend big money to get big results. If you are looking for race proven results and reliability with an affordable price tag then MicroTech LT-15c is for you.

Flying lead wiring loom (each wire individually labelled)
Vacuum hose
Fuel pump relay
Fuse holder
Instruction manual/wiring diagram
MicroTech sticker

Extruded aluminium case
1 Year Warranty
16 Bit Motorola Processor
Surface mount technology circuit board
Supports up to 8 cyl & 4 rotor engines
Max readable RPM 15950
Max readable Boost 45PSI

8x Injector drivers (high impedance 6ohms or higher)
True sequential injection on most 4,6 & 8 cyl & rotary applications (crank angle dependent)
Tuneable in MAP or TPS modes
Main matrix table has 16×16 load sites
32×32 inbuilt interpolation table
0.01 m/s injector resolution
RPM tuning range 500rpm to 12,000rpm
Overall mixture trim +/- 99%
Coolant temp correction
Air temp correction
Accelerator pump amount, sensitivity & time compensation
Cranking enrichment correction
After start enrichment correction
Cold start accelerator pump correction
Hard cut RPM limiter
Soft cut RPM limiter
Over boost limiter
Auxiliary input correction +/- 99%
Sequential, group fire & staged injection modes
2 step/launch control limiter
Individual cylinder trim

Configured to suit application when ordered

8x Ignition drivers
Ignition setup preconfigured for engine type
Configurable to suit 1- 8 cyl engines using an external igniter
Configurable for twin distributors & 2,3 & 4 rotor engines
16 RPM based ignition points
16 Map based correction points
16 Water temp based correction points
16 Air temp based correction points
Ignition advance/retard on accelerator pump
Ignition advance/retard on AUX input trigger
Ignition trim overall +/- 45deg
Ignition TDC reference adjustment on some applications
Adjustable timing split on rotary engines
Accuracy to 1 degree

1x Fixed RPM/MAP based – ve switched AUX output (shift light etc)
1x Fixed temperature based – ve switched AUX output (thermo fan etc)
1x Fixed – ve switched PWM output (Idle motor)
1x +POS switched AUX input (2 step limiter/launch control etc)
Separate fuel pump & tach output
External oil & fuel pressure inputs (optional)

Red LED indicated fault code triggered
Data page indicates where fault lies
Operational errors: over boost, RPM limit, RPM cut, max duty, water temp, voltage, shift light
Self test mode runs all injector & ignition outputs & cycles AUX outputs
Amber LED gives visual of ignition input signal

Using Microtech Laptop Adapter & Microtech Software
Using Microtech Handset or Microtech Dash Unit
4 Maps saveable to Microtech Laptop Adapter or Microtech Handset
Save & load maps to hard drive or print to word doc
Selectable map sensor (N/A, 20psi, 30 or 45psi)
Selectable RMP table (8,000, 9,000, 10,000 or 12,000RPM)
Dedicated N/A tuning table

Data logging directly to laptop
Data logging sampling rate 100 times/second
Viewed data displays average readings 10 times/second
Data viewable in text or graph
Playback data log
Print data log
Save data log to disc
Laptop logging standard
On board ECU logging available as an optional upgrade
On board logging holds 5 minutes of memory
User definable switch on/off points
CAN output (1 Mbit/second)
CAN output compatible with MicroTech, PCS, Racepak & Motec dash loggers