Universal Crank Trigger Kit


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New to the MicroTech product range is our Universal Crank Trigger Kit.

The 60-2 tooth trigger wheel is precision laser cut from high grade 3mm steel and is 150mm in diameter. The kit is perfect for users wanting to fit a multi coil fuel and ignition control ECU to older engines with distributor style ignition systems, or for tight engine bays where clearance for the factory distributor is minimal.

The MicroTech Universal Crank Trigger Kit is suitable for use with the LT-9c,  LT-10c, LT-15c and LT-16c MicroTech ECU’s. Not only is the kit suitable for the Microtech product range, it is also compatible with the majority of other brands of aftermarket ECU’s currently available.

Suitable for all 4cyl, 6cyl and 8cyl engines running wasted spark or individual coil ignition systems, the trigger wheel can be custom mounted to the crankshaft or balancer and the MicroTech ECU configured to suit.

The MicroTech Universal Crank Trigger Kit comes complete with the trigger wheel and pick up sensor included.

60-2 trigger disc
Wiring connector