Purchasing a used ECU

Every day we receive phone calls from customers who have purchased a used ECU, or who are considering purchasing one. The best advice we can offer you is, “PLEEEEEAAAAAAAASE do your homework first”There are some important factors to consider when purchasing a used ECU such as……..

Is the unit configured to suit your engine? Or will it need to be reconfigured?

Is the unit still able to be reconfigured? Several of our earlier model ECU’s are no longer repairable or able to be reconfigured because we are unable to source parts for them.

Please see our reconfigures page for a list of ECU’s which can no longer be reconfigured and our “repairs” page for a list of ECU’s we can no longer repair.

Do you require a new wiring harness or crank angle sensor loom?

Add up the cost of the used unit, the reconfigure and a new wiring loom and then compare that to the cost of a new ECU.

Then ask yourself “why am I even thinking about purchasing a second hand ECU when I can buy a brand new fuel and ignition control unit set up for my engine from only $795 complete with wiring loom”?

How old is the used ECU?

A seller may advertise an ECU as “ brand new never used”, however the unit may still be several years old. Manufacture dates are as follows-

  • Digi series 1996-1998
  • MT-8, MTX-8, MT-12, MTX-12 1998-1999
  • LT-8, LTX-8, LT-12 1999-2001
  • LT-8s 2002-2004
  • LT-12s, LT-X12s 2002-2008
  • LT-10s 2004-2012
  • LT-16 2008-2012
  • LT-10c, LT-16c 2012- current
  • LT-9c 2013- current
  • LT-15c 2014-current

While our older model units were great in their day, technology and electronic components are constantly being updated and improved at a rapid rate. There is a night and day difference between the ECU’s we made just a few years ago to what we have available now.

We are not trying to deter you from purchasing a used unit, just be cautious and aware of all possible costs and potential pitfalls involved. If you have any questions, please email us.