0-250psi Pressure Sensor Kit


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Get the most out of your LT-10c or LT-16c ECU by adding one of our 0-250psi oil and fuel pressure sensor kits.

Our latest version LT-10c and LT-16c both have an oil and fuel pressure input as a standard feature.

By adding our pressure sensor kit you can monitor your engines fuel and oil pressure via the laptop, handset or LTC Dash unit and set up a “safe” limit for both sensors in the Engine Protection Mode function in the LTC tuning software.

The 0-250psi pressure sensor kit comes with 2x stainless steel 0-250psi pressure sensors, sensor to ECU wiring loom and wiring connectors.

2x stainless steel 0-250psi pressure sensors
Sensor to ECU wiring loom
Wiring connectors