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Genuine Bosch high impedance 2200cc ยฝ length injector. These injectors were manufactured for use with Compressed Natural Gas, however with Bosch no longer manufacturing their old style 1600cc injectors, these injectors have become one of the most ย popular and commonly used replacements.

These are the injectors being used in several of our world record setting customer cars such as Loquito Killer 20B Mazda RX8 and Rafaelito Racing 13B Mazda RX8.

Suitable for use with pump fuel, E85 and Methanol they feature a Nippondenso wiring connector with 14mm top and bottom o-rings.

Injectors are sold with wiring connector and 14mm extension adapter to convert them to a standard length 65mm injector making them compatible with most common fuel rails.

Note: These injectors are NOT compatible for use with oxygenated fuels containing MTBE such as VP Import or Q16. We also recommend using an external 20 micron (or or finer) high flow fuel filter with these injectors.