9 Pin Laptop Adaptor Dongle


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The MicroTech Laptop Adaptor allows the MicroTech user to connect and tune their ECU via laptop. The MicroTech ECU will not connect to the laptop without the adaptor in line between the ECU and laptop.

The laptop being used to connect to the Microtech ECU must have the Microtech software installed before connection can be made between the ECU and laptop.

The windows based software is designed to be simple to understand and easy to navigate so the first time user and professional tuner can tune with confidence. The software also allows the tuner to access the extra features the laptop software has over the handset such as full data logging and map trace function in the Matrix tuning mode.

The adapter itself has storage space to hold up to 4 programs on board which can be easily saved or loaded into any LT series MicroTech ECU. Optimise a tune for everyday street driving, another for race conditions and even another for improved fuel economy and switch from one to the other easily with the simple press of a button.

The MicroTech Laptop Adaptor is available in 2 different styles. Either with a 9 pin serial port connector suitable for early style laptops or a USB connector to suit later model laptops which have USB ports only.

       MICROTECH V3.1 SOFTWARE       

1x 9pin MicroTech Laptop Adapter