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The LT-10c fuel only ECU is designed for people who want a basic, entry level fuel injection system to use with their existing stand alone ignition system

The LT-10c fuel only has 4x high output injector drivers capable of running up to 4 high impedance injectors per driver (max load 2 ohms per driver). This makes it suitable for use on most piston and rotary engines and is capable of running in batch fire or staged injector set ups. The unit comes standard with an inbuilt 20psi map sensor but has the 30psi or 45psi option available at the time of purchase.

A new feature for the LT-10c Fuel only ECU is the addition of a CAN output which will allow the MicroTech ECU to connect directly to most common aftermarket dash loggers such as the MicroTech LTC Dash, Racepak, PCS or MoTec. The MicroTech transmits data via the CAN bus at 1 Mbit/second