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7.34 @ 182mphMaijailn
Toyota Starlet 13B Turbo
7.34 @ 182mph

6.97 @ 198mphCarlos Racing
20B 3/4 chassis. 2010 Piston Vs Rotor series champion
6.97 @ 198mph

7.44 @ 186mphPapito
Mazda RX7 13B Turbo
7.44 @ 186mph



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The LT-10C caters for both the first time user or experienced tuner with it’s easy to use tuning software via laptop or the MicroTech handset , simple & straightforward installation & it’s extremely attractive price.


The LT-10C comes standard with 4 injector and 4 ignition outputs and is capable of working with most common engines up to 8 cylinders & 2 rotors. The LT-10C will support most factory ignition systems such as multi coil and distributor as well as aftermarket ignition systems such as CDI or MSD. However, the LT-10C is most commonly used with the MicroTech X4 igniter box providing an extremely high output direct fire ignition system at a very reasonable price.  


A new feature for the LT-10C ECU is the addition of a CAN output which will allow the MicroTech ECU to connect directly to most common aftermarket dash loggers such as Racepak, PCS or MoTec. The MicroTech transmits data via the CAN bus at 1 Mbit/second.


The LT-10C is capable of controlling sequential injection on 4 cylinder engines as well as 2 rotor Mazda rotary engines and direct fire ignition for engines up to 4 cylinders or 2 rotors, or wasted spark ignition on engines up to 8 cylinders.


Each LT-10C comes factory preset to suit your particular engine combination & sensors & has a base map already installed to allow the end user to turn the key & start the engine once the installation is complete. The factory installed base map has all the basic parameters set & basic fuel & ignition tables loaded to give the tuner a headstart & great starting point to work with cutting down on expensive dyno time.


Like all MicroTech ECu’s the LT-10C kit comes complete with a fully labelled  unterminated wiring loom, instruction manual & wiring diagram to make the installation as simple & easy as possible. 


The LT-10C specification sheet is available to download from HERE

Price: $1,095.00
Model: LT-10C

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