6 Cyl Bosch Ignition Coils


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Our Bosch ignition coils are designed to work in conjunction with the MicroTech X4 and X6 ignition boxes controlled by the MicroTech LT-10 or LT-16 ECU in direct fire applications.

After testing numerous types of coils we have found our Bosch units to be the best available and when combined with the MicroTech X4 or X6 igniter box provides the user with an extremely high energy, accurate ignition at a fraction of the cost of more expensive aftermarket ignition systems.

Coils are fitted in pairs on our black anodised billet aluminium mounting brackets making them compact, neat and easy to install in most engine bays. Sold in sets to suit 4cyl, 6cyl and 8cyl.

6x Individual Bosch ignition coils (mounted in pairs on anodised bracket)