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Wiring Looms *

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The MicroTech X4 and X6 Igniter Boxes are designed to be used in direct fire ignition applications. The X4 box has 4 igniter output channels and the X6 box has 6 igniter output channels.

Available as an option when ordering the Microtech ECU, the X4 and X6 ignition boxes plug directly into the LT-10C and LT-16C respectively. Running the igniters in the separate boxes as opposed to having them fitted inside the ECU causes less heat to be generated allowing us to introduce our “IGBT” Ignition Boost function which is available on LT-10C and LT-16C ECU’s as a standard feature.

For 8 cylinder applications 2x X4 Igniter boxes are run with the LT-16C.

Both the X4 and X6 igniter boxes are compatible with all other brands of aftermarket ECU’s making them an extremely cost effective ignition module option.

X6 ignition module
Wiring looms as optional extra